Micro Content videos = short clips showcasing your business, products, or services

It is proven that posts with videos have more interactions than a basic post. 

Our goal is not to only build online impressions, but to GENERATE revenue for our customers.


We are partnered with SoGro to work on your online marketing. If you would like to learn more about SoGro, click below.

Tier 1

social media management

  • 3 Posts per Week

  • 4 Custom Graphics per Month

Micro Content

  • 3 Mico Content Videos per Month

  • 1 30-second Commercial per Year

Tier 2

social media management

  • 3-4 Posts per Week

  • Answer Basic Questions Sent to Page/Account

  • Personalized Graphics for Posts

  • Business Hour Quality Control

  • Company Branding on Social Media

  • Community Involvement/Interaction



Micro Content

  • 6 Micro Content Videos per Month

  • 2 30 - second Commercials per Year

  • 1 Special Request video (30 Seconds)


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube